The prodigious growth in Development and Application of advanced electronic devices bestowed us an effortless life to live.

When the electricity approached late in 80s, appliances were connected via light-bulb sockets using lamp holder plugs. Soon The British market introduced 2 pin plugs and wall socket with which connecting an appliance became easier and further to it three pin plugs also made its way into the market. These plugs and sockets were developed to reduce the risk of electrical shock and burn.

But with the high demand of electricity by the gadgets, the sockets were unable to prevent the high risk of shock. Keeping the risk and failures in mind, adaptors were introduced. Adaptors connect pieces of apparatus that cannot be connected directly and hence, the electrical gadgets can be used securely. It also increases the longevity of an electronic gadget.

Adaptor can be of two types AC adaptor and DC adaptor i.e. Alternate Current and Direct Current. An AC adaptor is used to convert one AC voltage into another AC voltage, whereas a DC adaptor converts AC voltage into DC voltage.

LRIPL introduced a wide range of adaptors comprising of certified components dealing with the major issues of short circuit and adaptor failure due to lightnings and thunder. A team of highly skilled and professional engineers are involved in delivering a solution that will never damage a device using LRIPL’s adaptors. Today LRIPL Adapters are one of the most emerging brands in Adapter industry and it is efficient, safe or system solution product for its users. Also, all these adaptors are BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) certified product.

LRIPL’s adaptors have achieved a remarkable success in a short span of time and are subsequently introducing new and advanced adaptors that are designed for the safety of its user and device.


iON Pro: A Series of Versatile and Exclusive URCs

Technology has advanced with years and with each passing days we are heading towards unbelievable and unheard inventions. These inventions have eased our lives and connected us to a world of unimaginable innovations.

With this evolution of technology, Earthma is proud to announce its latest design of universal remote control “iON Pro”;which has the ability to work on set up box,television, home theater, DVD player and predominantly it comes with a learning feature for all keys. The Learning feature enables iON Pro to convert itself into a different zapper only by grasping its functionality. Every detailing in this remote control is done with superior and advanced technology. The Keypads of iON Pro are made with radium that glows while being used in dim places. This smart remote control is created with an idea of having a single control over multiple electronic gadgets, an esthetic glance and vigorous range remote control that has changed the notion of controlling multiple devices at once.

Experience One Touch Entertainment Control


The iON Pro is compatible with all Airtel, Tata Sky, Philips, Panasonic and other brands, it controls over 230 Set-up box/ DTH, 2189 (LED, LCD) Television, 28 Home Theater and about 500 DVD devices and has a range of up to 12 meter distance till 45 degree Angle. Earthma is continuously launching iON Pro series of surpassing and smart remote control with continuous research and development and currently it is a leading brand in marketing a series of universal remote controls.

Replacement Remote Control

The modern workplaces and homes as we know, have changed drastically in the past three decades. The infusion of technology, equipments and access to information has been made easy with the help of advancements in science and other fields. In view of the above scenario, we require refuelling our systems to maintain normal functioning of our day to day activities. Entertainment is one such activity that has taken a huge space in our personal life to ease out our daily pressures. Access to movies, news and sports etc from across the world has helped us in staying up to date with the world affairs.

The other important part of the entertainment and information system is, the access to the devices. As we understand that television and internet play a big part in our daily lives, the devices attached to them need constant care and upgradation. The Replacement Remote controls do exactly the same job. You may notice that various brands and companies insist on using authentic and warranted products so as to keep the devices in a good working condition. Just like you put the best engine oil in your cars for best performance of the engine, you put good batteries in your torches or other devices for good and stable performance.

Replacement Remote controls from Earthma do exactly the same job. Our line of trusted Replacement Remote controls for TVs/DTH/STB/DVD/AUX and other devices, come with un-paralled performance. We at Earthma believe in using technology to create seamless and rewarding experiences to our customers while making sure that our devices deliver superior performance.

As a word of caution, if you are going for a Replacement Remote control, one needs to be aware of cheaper and flashy looking imitations which may look fancy but cannot match up to the performance of the original Remotes. It is also advised that one needs to look into all the aspects of the technical details and match them with your older device specifications so that your requirement is fully catered to and your new device does not fall short of the required functions. Procurement of replacement remotes’ most important aspect is in understanding who is manufacturing it. A company which has pioneered this technology over a significant period of time and is a leader in two continents, is something to be assured that it will provide only the best of technology for its customers.

Universal Remote Controls

Ion Pro Universal Remote

We are all witnessing a quantum leap in the rise of Technology, and they day is not too far when we will have all of our daily chores done at the click of a button. Taking control of our electronic devices has always been the achilles heel in our part of the world. Complex systems and devices have been known to hamper our response time to operate and understand technology even sometimes to millennials.

The solution hence was to effectively create devices which can single handedly take care of all the technological aspects of our life. The Universal Remote Control is one of such examples of technological advancement which has bought respite to many of us when it comes to managing our daily devices. The influx of smartphones in our lives with access to various apps for every meagre need of our lives has made us into beings who want everything at one place.

Universal Remote controls make sure that we can manage almost all of the usual technical devices like Branded TVs/DTH/STB/DVD/AUX amongst many devices, with a single device. We at Earthma, take pride in being the technical pioneers and are currently the leaders in distribution and manufacturing of Remote Controls in India and the United Kingdom. Our belief and understanding of technology has enabled us to create path breaking solutions for multi-household devices and offer people easy to use solutions which are at par with the world’s best household solutions. Earthma Universal Remote controls are crafted with the inputs from rigorous R&D in India, which consistently makes us #1 ranked Universal Remote manufacturers in the country over the past years. Here, check our range of Universal Remotes: