Universal Remote Controls

Ion Pro Universal Remote

We are all witnessing a quantum leap in the rise of Technology, and they day is not too far when we will have all of our daily chores done at the click of a button. Taking control of our electronic devices has always been the achilles heel in our part of the world. Complex systems and devices have been known to hamper our response time to operate and understand technology even sometimes to millennials.

The solution hence was to effectively create devices which can single handedly take care of all the technological aspects of our life. The Universal Remote Control is one of such examples of technological advancement which has bought respite to many of us when it comes to managing our daily devices. The influx of smartphones in our lives with access to various apps for every meagre need of our lives has made us into beings who want everything at one place.

Universal Remote controls make sure that we can manage almost all of the usual technical devices like Branded TVs/DTH/STB/DVD/AUX amongst many devices, with a single device. We at Earthma, take pride in being the technical pioneers and are currently the leaders in distribution and manufacturing of Remote Controls in India and the United Kingdom. Our belief and understanding of technology has enabled us to create path breaking solutions for multi-household devices and offer people easy to use solutions which are at par with the world’s best household solutions. Earthma Universal Remote controls are crafted with the inputs from rigorous R&D in India, which consistently makes us #1 ranked Universal Remote manufacturers in the country over the past years. Here, check our range of Universal Remotes: